Bone Stalkers Outdoors

Bone Stalkers Outdoors is a Western Wisconsin Based  Veteran-Owned Outfitter Service

As a Veteran-owned outfitter service, we surely believe in freedom. The Freedom to hunt, the freedom to be outdoors, and the freedom to be able to share it with everyone.

This is why, at Bone Stalkers Outdoors, we believe in giving back.

One of the ways that we can give back, is to offer up a limited number of FREE, guided deer hunts for Veterans and Youths of this great country. We are able to hunt because of the freedoms that are given to us by those who so selflessly defended those freedoms. These are the same passions and freedoms that, as outdoors men and women, need to pass down to those future generations. Especially the youth who are interested and have the same drive and passion that we love to see here at Bone Stalkers.